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What is Gynaecology?

Gynaecology is the branch of medicine focusing on conditions relating to female reproductive health. This includes the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and breasts.

Gynaecologists provide patients with reproductive and sexual health advice including pelvic exams, pap tests, cancer screenings, testing and treatment for vaginal infections. A gynaecology exam is done to assess the overall health of the female reproductive system as well as identifying potential infections or problems. Even if you don’t have any issues, you should go for a check-up at least once every three years or more often if you have a family history of uterus or breast cancer.

Our gynaecology specialists

Our gynaecologists are some of the leading consultants in their field and are here to provide you with the best gynaecology care of the highest quality.

Our team of expert consultants provide a second to none service and we are proud to facilitate some of the best in their field so you can be assured that they will help you test, diagnose and treat your gynaecology problems quickly and at an affordable price.

When would you need to see a gynaecologist?

It’s important to have regular visits to your gynaecologist to maintain your reproductive health. A gynaecologist can play an important role in educating and treating various conditions including:

  • If you have any questions about the female reproductive system
  • You have any questions or concerns about pregnancy, fertility or contraception
  • You have any sexual health concerns
  • You period is incredibly painful
  • Bleeding in between periods

Gynaecology FAQs

Gynecological exams may include an external and internal pelvic exam, pap smears and a breast exam.

A screening concerning reproductive health care is recommended between the ages of 13 and 15 however if you’re older and have never seen a gynecologist, it’s never too late to book an appointment.

Getting an appointment with a gynecologist can be troublesome as you may have to go through a GP and wait for a referral. Luckily, at Alliance Health Consultant, you can get rapid access to a gynaecology expert by calling 0808 178 1289 or contacting No GP referral is needed and we have a database of over 2,000 NHS medical consultant experts at hand to help you get seen quickly and easily.  

We have supported over 200,000 Alliance Health patients through their treatment journey and have a database of over 2,000 NHS consultants so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

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