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Mr George Ampat

Primary Specialism:



Spinal,Sports Medicine,Lumbar Spine,


I work as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Royal Liverpool University Hospitals and also at Southport, Liverpool, Manchester and London. My mission is to provide quality orthopaedic and spinal opinion with minimal surgical intervention to promote wellness, to relieve suffering and to restore health as humanely as it can be done at the highest value for all concerned. After years of surgical practice I have taken a conscious decision not to operate. Unfortunately too many operations are being performed. Surgery has inherent risks and if surgery is performed when it is not necessary, it would be subjecting patients to unnecessary risks. I see patients and provide advice and opinion. I also perform injections into the spine and other joints. Majority of musculoskeletal problems do not require surgical intervention. Unfortunately surgery is considered a quick fix by some patients and there is some evidence to suggest that surgeons is a busy clinic may recommend surgery to avoid complaints from patients. Current evidence suggests that 15% of surgical interventions are unnecessary. If any patient clearly requires surgery, then it is pointless for me to see them. However if there is doubt and you would like a thorough independent Orthopaedic assessment or a non operative management of your musculoskeletal condition, then I am there to help. I particularly like to see patients who have doubts on their diagnosis, unsure about surgery or patients who are not better after surgery. I am also actively promoting a brand –, to help patients solve mechanical back and foot problems with appropriate seats and shoes rather than medicalising it by resorting to surgery.

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