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Mr Adam Budgen

Primary Specialism:



Foot,Ankle,Ankle Surgery,Foot & Ankle Surgery,Forefoot Surgery,Bunions,


I was educated in North Yorkshire. Having graduated from St Mary’s Hospital Imperial College in 1990, I did my pre-fellowship training at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School and Hammersmith Hospital. I carried out my specialist fellowship with Dr Terry Saxby at the Brisbane Foot and Ankle Centre in 2002 before returning to take up my consultancy in York in 2003. I am a specialist foot and ankle surgeon. My elective practice is devoted entirely to the management of foot and ankle disorders. This includes treating patients with a variety of conditions including ankle arthritis, inflammatory arthritis (including rheumatoid), hind foot deformity, as well as common forefoot disorders such as bunions, hammer toes and Morton’s neuromas. I can offer all services in the NHS and private practice. I am particularly interested in the management of sports and dance injuries to the foot and ankle treating elite athletes and dancers using modern arthroscopic (key hole) techniques. I look after the treatment of foot and ankle injuries for several professional sporting teams including rugby union and league, football, county cricket and ballet. I am actively establishing a centre of excellence for minimally invasive forefoot surgery for deformities of the forefoot including hallux valgus (bunions), hallux rigidus (painful stiff great toe) and lesser toe deformites. This is becoming increasingly popular to promote faster recovery and return to sporting, social and professional activities. I have extensive experience in all aspects of forefoot correction including metatarsal osteotomy and metatarsal joint resurfacing. I have established a regional Day Case Achilles Reconstruction service using minimally invasive technique to manage Achilles ruptures. I provide a comprehensive and integrated service for the management of various soft tissue disorders of the foot and ankle including plantar fasciitis/heel pain syndrome and Achilles tendinitis. I have extensive experience of ankle replacement surgery as well as arthroscopic and open ankle and hindfoot fusion surgery I have been actively in teaching as a faculty member on various international courses regarding foot and ankle disorders. I have published on ankle and hind foot surgery, achilles and forefoot disorders.

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