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How Alliance Health Consultant helped my father-in-law

A recent event played out between some family members of mine, I wonder how many other families have seen this play out in their own living rooms?

My father-in-law had a problem with his knee that was causing him pain and discomfort and interrupting his normal day to day activities.

Mother-in-law to father-in-law, “You need to get that knee seen by the doctor”

Father-in-law, “I know, I am struggling to play my round of golf!”

Mother-in-law, “Ring the doctors and find out what is wrong”

Father-in-law, “Can’t be bothered, you can never get through, you know how busy they are”

After numerous failed attempts, no doctors appointment was booked. My father-in-law gave up in exasperation. There is a mixture of emotions at play here. My mother-in-law is worried my father-in-law is not well and can see him struggling. My father-in-law is trying to hide his discomfort from my mother-in-law. He does not want her worrying. Both of them totally frustrated that a doctors appointment cannot be booked. Overriding all that, my father-in-law just wants to know what’s wrong and how it can be put right.

It was at this point they reached out to me. Was there anything I could do to help. There was and I did. There was no need to bother the doctor with this, I went straight to the consultant. I made some phone calls and booked a appointment for my father-in-law to see an Orthopaedic Consultant 2 days later. He attended the appointment and the problem with his knee was quickly diagnosed and a solution to the problem offered. The most important outcome for me personally, was that my father-in-law knew exactly what was causing his pain and discomfort and could stop imagining the worst case scenario! It is a peace of mind thing.

My in-laws were lucky they had someone who could help in this situation, most others would not be so lucky. So, if you have witnessed this situation being played out between your family members, loved ones, friends or indeed work colleagues, what could you or they do?

Alliance Health Consultant offers, convenient, online, expert medical consultations. In my father-in-law’s situation, he could have simply contacted us by email, our contact us form, or the most popular choice, pick up the phone and speak to us! One of our friendly team will ascertain your problem and you will be offered a consultation with one of our NHS consultants at a time and location to suit you. You also have the choice of an online consultation or face to face, whichever is your preference.

We find that making sure you are seen by the right consultant first time, a quick diagnosis follows. Indeed, we have found that 45% of our patients only need a consultation and no further treatment. So if you find yourself in the same situation as my In-laws, then you know where to come for a quick, easy solution.

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