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Choosing the right facemask to protect not only against COVID-19 but also your skin

Ever since COVID-19 arrived at our doorsteps, face masks have become a new staple in our wardrobe. As vaccinations continue to roll out across the world, it is also important that we play our part to avoid picking it up or passing it on. This means wearing a face mask around those outside of our support bubble and washing our hands more often.

Unfortunately, wearing a mask more often and washing our hands more regularly can come with its own problems such as hand dermatitis and contact dermatitis. Studies have shown that there has been a rising number of people suffering from skin problems such as acne as a result of face masks. To avoid skin issues, it is important that you choose the right face mask that not only protects you against COVID-19 but your skin from breaking out.

  1. Find a mask that is soft. For the shorter trips, consider wearing a mask that is soft as opposed to the professional PPE masks. This can help reduce any skin problems that is caused by friction and irritation.
  2. Look for 100% cotton. The great thing about cotton is that it is both soft and breathable. A cloth mask is intended to trap respiratory droplets that are released when you are talking. Therefore masks made of multiple layers of tightly woven fabric such as cotton would offer great protection.
  3. Avoid makeup under masks. Breathing into a mask creates a hot and moist environment which leads to the build-up of sweat, oil and bacteria. Going bare-faced will help reduce the build-up of residue under your mask and avoids what they call ‘maskne’ (mask acne).
  4. Moisturise moisturise moisturise. Wearing a mask can suck the moisture from your skin so it is essential to keep your skin hydrated and well moisturised.
  5. Wash your mask regularly. Your face mask itself can become contaminated. Since it comes into contact with your nose and mouth, it is possible that any viral particles on the mask could get into your respiratory system. Treat your face mask like your underwear. Give it a wash everyday to avoid any transmissions of viruses and bacteria.

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